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Settle your dispute quickly and affordably

Small- and mid-sized business need their legal disputes resolved without breaking the bank.
So we started a movement to make legally binding resolutions available to all.

Settle Today is an easy, efficient and low-cost dispute resolution platform.

Our proprietary, web-based process facilitates your dispute, while our team of
professionally trained facilitators offers third-party resolution, if you need them.


Why use Settle Today?

Just $200 and 24 hours to reach your resolution.

Once we have the details from both parties, Settle Today facilitators can return their decision in 24 hours.


It is our mission to save small business from burdensome or excessive legal fees. Just $200 gets you a legally binding resolution, and keeping money in your pocket.


Settle Today disputes can be submitted any time of day and any day of the week, and parties can access their case any time and any place with an Internet connection.


Settle Today facilitators moderate the egos, posturing or forceful personalities of any an all disputes. They create a fair and equal process that both parties can trust.