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About Us

Settle Today is fast, affordable, legally binding dispute resolutions in 24 hours.

Settle Today launched in 1999 with a vision to be THE MOST efficient and low-cost dispute resolution platform for business and individuals. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of business owners reclaim lost debts, past-due invoices, tax issues and more. Most importantly Settle Today helped them reclaim peace of mind and profitability. It’s proprietary, web-based process facilitates business and personal legal disputes, and our team of professionally trained facilitators offers third-party resolution, if you need them.

We are starting a movement to bring down the costs of legal fees. Our team of professional and qualified facilitators carefully review and analyze the information provided by both parties and issue a binding and enforceable decision.

Settle Today is for small- and mid-sized business owners or individuals who simply want justice from an unfair business transaction, damaged personal or real property, a contract dispute, even something as simple as a fence line with a neighbor.

Because this service is available 24/7 and from anywhere there is Internet, Settle Today is ideal for opposing parties who are located across the street or across the country. Both parties can agree to resolve the issue quickly and conveniently through Settle Today.