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About Us

With Settle Today, get a fast, low-cost and effective settlement, all from the comfort of your own home, office or local coffee shop

Founded in 2005, Settle Today is an Alternative Dispute Resolution service, which means we can help you resolve your dispute legally, without even having to set foot in a courtroom. There is a mounting problem of rising court costs, lengthy trials and delays in our court systems – there are too many disputes for our courts to handle! The expense of lawsuits has also created an uneven playing field, which gives those who can afford it the advantage.

We are a people organization, with a team of very professional and qualified facilitators, who are able to carefully review and analyze the information provided by the parties and issue a binding and enforceable award.

Settle Today is for anyone, young or old, who doesn't have—nor ever wants to have—a knowledge of law, lawyers, courts, claims or lawsuits. You simply want justice for what you feel is wrong — an unfair business transaction, damaged personal or real property, a contract dispute, even something as simple as a fence line with a neighbor.

Because this service is available 24/7 and from anywhere there is Internet, Settle Today is ideal for opposing parties who are located across the street or across the country. Both parties can agree to resolve the issue quickly and conveniently through Settle Today.