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With the efficiency of web-based arbitration and the expertise of professional resolution negotiation, Settle Today is a revolutionary, patent-pending online dispute resolution (ODR) process that can settle any dispute quickly and effectively.

Settle Today keeps you out of court and allows you to reach a mutual settlement without incurring expensive legal fees, lawsuits or lengthly trials.

Insurance Carriers and Court Systems alike prefer online dispute resolution (ODR), as this inventive system is fair, fast and much less costly.

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Unlike automated online settlement sites that rely solely on algorithms, Settle Today uses both our secure web-based application and live resolution facilitators. Through this patent-pending online alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, our team of resolution facilitators impartially evaluate case information submitted by the participants and issues a binding decision resolving the dispute in 24 hours.

SettleToday is the ideal method for conflict resolution and disputes, such as:

Landlord Tenant
Insurance Claims
Property Disputes
Consumer Disputes


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This service is great. Quick, convenient and fair. I´m glad to have this issue behind me, with a fair settlement to boot!”
~ Tom M.