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Solve your dispute for only $99

Settle Today is an easy, efficient and low-cost settlement platform. Don't spend all your time and money on lawyer fees, lengthy trials and delays. Just log in, start a settlement, and settle your case in 24 hours. It’s that simple.

Why use Settle Today?

Rapid Resolution

Once all parties have submitted their information, rebuttals, and final statement, Settle Today's arbitrators return the decision within 24 hours of the case achieving review status.

Cost Effective

The infrastructure that Settle Today has established allows for competitive pricing—a fraction of traditional Dispute Resolution costs—and many thousands of dollars less than traditional attorney fees and court costs. Settle Today costs only $99. What's more, there's no travel or lodging costs, no missed work or other costly schedule disruptions.


Settle Today allows parties to submit information 24/7, a convenience not afforded by traditional Dispute Resolution. Parties can access their case at any time from anywhere in the world, providing they have an Internet connection. An internet café can be your courtroom! Settle Today is the most convenient Dispute Resolution service available today.

Level Playing Field

If you don't want to interact directly with the opposing party, no problem. With Settle Today, each step in the process can be completed from the comfort of your home, without having to deal with egos, posturing, or forceful personalities.